Wisconsin Winters Wreak Havoc on Driveways

Everyone knows that the Wisconsin winters can wreak havoc on our asphalt driveways. Regular asphalt maintenance can extend the life of your driveway by years and reduce the likelihood of larger repair issues, while giving you a smooth, clean jet-black finish for your driveway.   By sealcoating regularly, you can avoid costly types of asphalt repairs of your asphalt services like potholes & overlays.

To properly maintain your asphalt drive way you need to first seal all the cracks.  When you crack seal it prevents water from entering the pavements base through cracks in the surface. You should always try to keep water from penetrating your driveway or parking lots asphalt’s surface. Water is one of the biggest factors that can lead to asphalt deterioration. Usually water makes its way into the asphalt by seeping in through the cracks in the pavement’s surface. If cracks are left untreated they will eventually turn into potholes and destroy the asphalt surface and the base beneath the asphalt. If you allow this to occur you are going to have to replace the asphalt, it can not be maintained in those areas.

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